New provisions on teaching activities

Archived notice

Following the Prime Minister's decree (DPCM) of 3 November 2020, the Decree of the Ministry of Health and the DPCM of 3 December 2020, pursuant to the Rector's decrees of 4 November and 4 December 2020, until 15 January 2021:

The following activities will take place remotely:

  • Lectures and classes
    preferably in synchronous mode, as scheduled for the current semester. Delivery modes will be notified by the lecturers
  • All written and oral exams
    according to the procedures already in place. 
    Onsite activities are only allowed in special cases, in compliance with safety standards set forth in the University Protocol, for first-year courses or for classes with a limited number of students
  • Graduation sessions
    for all Bachelor's, Master's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes, as well as final PhD exams. Only postgraduate medical theses may be defended on campus
  • Faculty office hours
    as currently scheduled
  • Masters and advanced courses training activities, with the exception of essential and undeferrable laboratory activities.
  • The activities of trainees in the health professions
    unless there is a specific agreement with the training hospitals, and in compliance with safety standards required by law and by the current University Protocol.

The following activities may take place onsite:

  • The defence of theses in postgraduate medical programmes (with the option of online defence)
  • Laboratory activities, PhD programmes and on-campus internships  
    all teaching and research activities, including degree and doctoral thesis work, and on-campus internships, may be carried out on campus in compliance with the safety and health protection protocols that have been disclosed by the Administration and posted to the University website on our Covid page. In order to access laboratories, you must carry with you a self-certification form for travel, signed by the head of the facility or laboratory, stating that the activities are urgent and cannot be postponed, as established by the General Director's provision. You must also be familiar with the safety measures taken by the University.
  • Training activities for medical doctors in specialist training and trainees in the health professions
    training activities for medical doctors in specialist training may take place face to face, in line with current procedures. The activities of trainees in the health professions will ordinarily take place remotely unless there is a specific agreement and in compliance with the safety conditions required by law and by the University Protocol in force
  • Off-campus student and graduate internships
    may only continue in compliance with current laws on safety and public health protection. Compliance with any people and vehicle circulation provisions must be ensured. For information on curricular (students) and extra-curricular (graduates) internships at external institutions and companies, visit our Covid page: internship and traineeship measures.
    The aforementioned regional guidelines do not apply to mandatory internships undertaken by students enrolled in the programmes of the Departments linked to the Faculty of Medicine, at its training hospitals.

International mobility is suspended for both incoming and outgoing students
The competent Education and Training Division will help students who have to reschedule departure dates or return to Italy earlier than expected.

Front-office library services for loan and consultation will continue by reservation only
Use the App to make an appointment for book loan services.
The consultation of texts will be allowed only upon reservation and in some libraries (details will follow), in compliance with distancing measures, as well as with the safety and health prevention rules set forth in the "Safety Protocol" approved by the University. 

Work-study programmes may continue  
in compliance with the "Security Protocol" approved by the University, provided that these activities do not replace staff work as defined by law. The managers of services which use work-study programmes may authorise remote working, where viable and essential.

Access to the study rooms is allowed, with a limited number of sanitized and supervised rooms available, only for students who access the University for:

  • carrying out mandatory laboratory activities, research doctorates and on-campus internships
  • using library services
  • student work
  • using services and learning material because they do not have suitable tools at their residence or domicile, as duly documented by the self-certification form for travel.