Optional Activities

Second-year elective courses - 18 credits

Second-year students need to choose one or more elective courses to obtain the required 18 credits

When selecting, students are allowed to select maximum one course in the M-PSI/06 or SPS/09 or SECS-P/01 areas from the list below:

  • Advanced strategic management (6 SECS-P/08, 3 SECS-P/07)
  • Comparative industrial relations (SPS/09)
  • Conflict Management and Negotation (M-PSI/06)
  • Empirical methods for inequality analysis (SECS-P/01)
  • Learning and development (M-PSI/06)
  • Organizational innovation and technology (3 SECS-P/08, 6 SECS-P/10)
  • Organizational Transformation and Change (SECS-P/10)
Optional exam - 9 credits

Second-year students can freely choose one optional exam among the Unimi offer to obtain the required 9 credits

Electives activities - 3 extra-credits

Students are required to obtain 3 extra-credits by choosing among one of the following elective activities: 


How does it work?

SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre manages 3 credit Advanced Language proficiency tests in French, English, Spanish and German for Political, Economic and Social Sciences bachelor's and master's degree courses. The required levels are the following:

  • French: B2
  • Advanced English C1
  • Spanish: B2
  • German: B1

If I am mother tongue in one of the above-mentioned languages?

In order to obtain the credits, you have to choose another of the languages available.

If I have a Language certificate?

Students who already have a language certificate among those accepted by the University, gotten no more than 3 years prior to its submission and at a level equal to or higher than that required, can ask for validation by uploading it through the Infostudenti service.


If I don't have a valid Language certificate?

Students who do not have a valid language certificate will have to sit an entry-level test in one of the languages they have chosen. Tests can be taken exclusively in the first trimester according to the calendar available onlineStudents who pass the entry-level test at the required level will receive the corresponding language assessment credits, according to their degree program. Those who fail the test will have to attend a 20-hour language course. Courses take place in the third trimester and attendance is compulsory. More information is available here.

We are organizing the new edition of workshops with professionals, which will be scheduled in the second trimester. Students will receive via email all the details about this year's workshop edition.  The list of workshops for the academic year 2020/2021 for first-year MHR students will be available in mid-November 2020. The calendar of meetings for each workshop and the registration details will be available from January 2021Students can find updates on workshops here.


Students interested in doing an internship can find more information here.

If you are interested, please write to mhr@unimi.it.

Professors will notify when they have research projects to which students can participate. Students selected to take part of the research activities, can obtain the credits.